Hi!! I’m Cappuccino, a stunning kitty LOOKING FORWARD to MAKE YOUR HEART MELT!!!!


Am a very friendly, sweet kitty who would love so much to go to a forever home. I have the most beautiful squeakiest little meow that will make your heart melt every time!!! I am desperate to find love and cuddles. Manuela is caring for me everyday, feeding and taking time to stay with me… I have never known love other then the one from Manuela. Danger is never far away where I live and she would like for me to go to the safety of a loving family. I am around one year old and I hope with all of my heart that someone will adopt me and give me a chance in life. I would love so much a life full of happiness with you. Are you my special someone???

If you are, I am just waiting for you! Can you give me a chance in life???? If you have that special place for me and want to know more about my great personality, please use the ‘message’ button on our facebook page or email:
– adoptiontimeinavsallar@gmail.com
– or at mlacasse@martinelacasse.com.
All will be taken care of so we can head home. See you soon!!!!

- Manuela feeds more then 200+ cats and dogs each day
– who otherwise would get nothing to eat during the day
– all this is possible because of the donations,
– fundraising and Friday Five Dollars

manuwroblewski@gmail.com (via paypal)

Or a one-off or monthly payment can be also be set up through the Harmony Fund (does not require paypal):

- under ‘Donation Information’ select
– ‘Please direct my donation to’
– and ‘Manuela Wroblewski’s cat rescues in Turkey’.

Our main volunteer Manuela cares for 200+ desperate street cats and dogs, walking for miles daily to provide food, water and any urgent medical care – and is devoted to arranging adoptions where possible (over 120 in 3 years) and spay and neutering clinics. In Avsallar, Turkey street animals are regularly injured, poisoned and killed and Manuela is their only hope.

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