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Hi there!! Am the great Denali!! :) Would you be my forever companion???

I’m about 1 ,5 year old and very charming has you can see!! Am so very friendly and love people. Was abandoned recently in the streets of Avsallar, left to care for myself. It’s scary as I don’t know where to go and where I can get food and shelter. Street life is dangerous here for dogs, we are always chased away, abused or poisoned… some of my doggy friends were poisoned recently… :( so am am worried for my life. I wish everyday for a life with a loving family or companion, in a forever home where I can be safe, go on long walks and play with you in parks and garden. Run in snow and cuddle next to you to relax, listening to your soothing words and stories. Share many adventures!

I really need a forever home!! Please consider adopting me! I am just waiting for you. Can you give me a chance in a new life???? If you have that special place for me and want to know more about my great personality, please use the ‘message’ button on our facebook page or email:
– adoptiontimeinavsallar@gmail.com
All will be taken care of so we can head home. See you soon!!!!

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