HI!! LITTLE CHAPPY HERE!!  Are you my special someone???


Am a purry, friendly, handsome boy as you can see  I love other cats and would be happy to share a home with any friends you might have already there. But I also can be a perfect companion for a anyone who is alone too. Am a funny little fellow but life in street makes it so difficult for me to express it. Am scared as so many dangers around me. Specially people chasing me away or hurting me. I long so much for a place to call home, where I can be safe, play with toys, eat good food and purr next to you or on your lap, giving lots of love and getting cuddles. Will keep you good company!! I’m very sweet too!!! could you fall in love with me so you and I can cuddle?? I will always love you!!!

So please….. am just waiting for you! Can you give me a chance in life???? If you have that special place for me and want to know more about my personality, please use the ‘message’ button on our facebook page or email:
– adoptiontimeinavsallar@gmail.com
– or at mlacasse@martinelacasse.com.
All will be taken care of so I can head home. So, see you soon!!!! ;)))

PLEASE, help us find a home for sweet Chappy. He will be so grateful for the rest of his life!!

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